Event 116 : PRITHVI – 50th Earth Day

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Event 116 : PRITHVI – 50th Earth Day

On the eve of 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Earth Day, NGO Tammana organized Event 116 “Prithvi”, its first Global Digital event, which ran its course over a week. For this earth day, NGO Tammana registered itself to earthday.org which enabled the team to be identified over the globe and extend their reach amongst global volunteers.

Founder President, Isha Kakaria quoted that “the global pandemic Corona Virus came unannounced, so little could be done to avoid the repercussions. But the earth had been deteriorating for so long, gave us many warnings in the form of climate change, melting glaciers and wild bushfires, etc. So it’s high time we act responsibly before another pandemic could take a toll on human lives. The main aim of this event was to create a difference through small steps that build a solid foundation to adapt an eco-friendly way of living and protecting Prithvi.

Public Relation Executive, Anubha Ohri shared that ‘Over the week, the team regularly created awareness through various social media channels towards Environment’s 5 R’s (Renew, Recycle, Reuse, Restore, and Repair). A to-do list was shared which included activities to be performed like planting more trees, turning off taps while brushing & carpooling, etc. A list of don’ts included activities not to be performed like overcharging phones, using polybags, wasting food & printing unnecessarily, etc. Another list was shared to encourage people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle by using methods like: public transport, induction cooking, planting trees, using LED lights & rechargeable batteries, etc. A lot of people pledged to adopt these sustainable methods of living.

Our “Caption it” activity garnered a lot of participation whereby the thoughtful picture of mother Earth was shared by the team to create environmental consciousness. A lot of people also participated in the event by sharing their work of talent through songs, drawings, dance, pictures, and stories. The event was successful as huge participation helped us spread awareness.

NGO Tammana has always promoted and engaged in activities surrounding environmental consciousness like paperless functioning through digital documentation, organized several tree plantation drives, adopted carpooling for meetings & strictly avoided the single-use plastic. Team Tammana would continue its Go-Green Initiative to help mother earth heal.

Meanwhile, the NGO is working to help provide essentials to the needy during this time of corona.

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