• Project Yakeen is our most recent, special & appreciated initiative whereby we have adopted the Govt. Elementary School, Village Singhpura, Zirakpur, Punjab.Project Yakeen School, very unlike other Govt. schools, especially compared to the ones in Chandigarh where Tammana had been associated earlier under ‘Sarv Siksha Abhiyaan’. With minimalistic infrastructure, this school lacked the most basic amenities & the hygiene necessities, let alone inculcating children in extracurricular activities, resulting in low attendance. The school revealed a laid back approach with no help from the Government, until Tammana intervened and took up to put forward every contribution to develop different interests for children into basic studies, inculcate them into extracurricular activities & the overall development of the school. Regularly organizing education, health and environment sensitization drives, donating stationery kits, school bags, woolens, toys, utensils for mid-day meal, installation of water pump, organising educational & fun trips, honouring best performances, planting saplings, teaching crafts, dance & respective subjects are few of the many initiatives taken at the school by Tammana. We are open for volunteers who want to contribute towards this upbringing we aim, in any manner convenient.

  • We hold special educational/ fun drives & trips for the residents of at Slums, Sector 25 & Sector 49, Chandigarh. It also includes the door to door counselling at the slums in regards to employment, women rights, health & empowerment, children education (particularly girl education), drug de-addiction etc.

  • Our SOS- Sunday of Service includes any distribution drive, prayer session, meditation, sports day, time spending, helping with homework etc. randomly organised on various Sundays where members/interns are free to participate as per the time they can spare.

  • DDL-‘Donate Drop of Love’ is one of the most special initiatives; which sees to the provision of any feasible help to any person in need anywhere. Whether it is a hospital drop off case – an accident victim with no attendant care, medical help, counselling, legal assistance or any other type of aid. We do not provide Financial Aid. We also run a Live Blood & Platelet Donations that operate round the clock and has as extremely high rate of success, thanks to the network built over time our data base has self volunteered donors & ofcourse the advent of social media, we use.