• NGO TAMMANA initiated on 1st SEPTEMBER 2008.
  • Founded at the age of 22, by Isha Kakaria, who is a State Awardee, also has been the First Lady Traffic Marshall at Chandigarh Traffic Police, and further is a successful Entrepreneur today. She left her job in a MNC and started ‘living for others’.
  • Founded single handed, supported by parents, later joined by friends, friends of friends, followed by a chain and now formal recruitments are processed.
  • Founded with the vision of ‘doing little things with great love’ instead of ‘doing great things alone’; it wanted to provide a platform for like minded enthusiasts.  Heading towards the overall development of the society, it visioned to bridge the gap between the needy and the feeders. It works to bring spectacular changes in the society.
  • Well known for its best attributes – consistency, genuineness, teamwork, leadership, equality & transparency, it makes itself different & special from all the others around today.


  • A dynamic group of 65+ youngsters/like minded enthusiasts who are working for a common goal of overall development of the society in every form possible; is a bunch from different fields of backgrounds, education, is working, married or retired. This think-tank of a mix crew is a team well known for a ‘less ME and a more WE’!


  • It is a Registered Organisation
  • It is a private NGO running on No-Profit Basis.
  • It is not financially aided by any Govt/ Individual or Organisation. Runs on random donations and collections in kind & fund raising events (if at all needed).
  • Voluntary NGOwith no salary and no fees.
  • Provides Internship
  • Operates on a wide scale of activities.
  • It is considered & admired as the most genuine, consistent and active NGO in the tricity.


  • It majorly focus on health & education however it successfully runs on a wide span of activities including like Eye Donation Awareness Camps , Women Empowerment Workshops, Clothes Collection & Distribution Activities , Hospital Visits & helps, Traffic – Road Safety Awareness , Health Camps, Educational Camps, Water Distribution Drives , Cleanliness Cyclothon, Tree Plantation Drives & more.


  • We work to promote well being of the residents of an orphanage called GURU ASARA TRUST at Sector 55, Palsora. From providing platforms for Talent Exposure, teaching them waste to wealth, dancing, crafts, sports, personal hygiene to organising various camps, trips and festivals for them, the scope remains open.
  • Additionally; various festivities, camps like that of physiotherapy & time spending programmes are organised at Kartar Aasra Old Age & Shelter Home, Sector 1, Chandigarh.
  • Contributing our efforts at ‘Samarth’ Resident Home, Sector 15, Chandigarh for Mentally Challenged Children by celebrating festivals and different occasions with them, we’re trying to make a heartfelt difference to their lives.
  • Apart from the above, it also holds special educational & ‘fun’ drives & trips for the residents of/ at Slum, Sector 25, Chandigarh. It also includes the door to door counselling at the slum in regards to employment, women rights & empowerment, children education (particularly girl education), Drug De Addiction etc.
  • DDL-‘Donate Drop of Love’ is one of the most special initiatives; which sees to theprovision of any feasible help to any person in need anywhere. Whether it is a hospital drop off case – an accident victim with no attendant care, medical help, counselling, legal assistance or any other type of aid. We do not provide Financial Aid.
  • We also run a Live Blood & Platelet Donations that operate round the clock and has as extremely high rate of success, thanks to the network built over time our data base has self volunteered donors & ofcourse the advent of social media, we use.
  • Our SOS- Sunday of Service includes any prayer session, meditation, sports day, time spending , helping with homework etc. randomly organised on various Sundays where members/interns are free to participate as per the time they can spare.

 Chal Tammana’ – Anthem:

TAMMANA presents its theme song ‘CHAL TAMMANA’ highlighting the message of spreading love & happiness while moving ahead on its path. ‘Chal Tammana’ holds great significance as it talks about the smashing team which has the courage and strength to face almost anything. It focuses on taking the initiative to walk, work, and serve together as a team come what may! With this song, it spreads the message of walking the path of life with unshakable faith and confidence to change lives of many people around it. With love in its heart, it has turned obstacles into opportunities and unshakable blocks into stepping stones. Team Tammana is a witness of all the merit it has been getting through hard work and service. The waves of happiness have created a ripple which has brought many positive changes in lives of thousand people. With eliminating the discrimination between daughter and son, it has improved lives of elderly and children too. On its path, it has hugged the downfall and kissed the success and marched ahead on its beautiful journey.

Listen to it on YouTube as: “CHAL TAMMANA NGO Tammana” / www.Facebook.com/ChalTammana


  • In its very first year, it succeeded to send all 220 residing children of Janata Colony (its adopted slum at Naya Gaon) to school.
  • 35 children from AIE (Sarv Sikhsha Abhiyaan) 2010-2011 admitted as regular students in 2011-2012.
  • Appreciated by Traffic Police for participating high in 21stNational Road Safety Week 2010.
  • Alone started with Eye-Donation Awareness Camps in the city, in association with Eye Bank, P.G.I., Chandigarh.
  • Independence Day Commendation (State Award 2011) to the Founder-President of NGO TAMMANA byShivraj Patil, Punjab Governor.
  • Woman Achiever’ Award by Public Relation Council of India (PRCI) to the Founder-President by Sh. Pawan Kumar Bansal,  Hon’ble Minister of Parliament Affairs, Government of India.
  • Only YOUTH ORGANISATION to be awarded at Seva Bharti’s Award Ceremony by Hon. Mr.K.N Pathak, Retd. V.C, P.U ,Chandigarh.
  • Jhuggis of Sector 25 slum,Chd were exclusively adopted individually by members where employment for the ladies were generated, parents sent their children to continue studies who had discontinued in the past.
  • High success rate of Live Blood & Platelet Donations 24*7 upon requirement.
  • Founder President has also been awarded by PU Radio “Jyotirgamaya- Padho aur Padao 91.2Mz” and featured twice with them as & for ‘Humari Beti’ Programme.
  • Founder President also has been featured via a detailed Interview in ‘Udaari– a Women Empowerment Programme on ETC Punjabi.
  • ‘India Today’ publishedthe works of the Founder President ‘Isha Kakaria’ as the‘YOUNG ACHIEVER of Punjab’.
  • The Founder President ‘Isha Kakaria’ was also been listed under the City’s Celebrity List(June’2012) by ‘India Today’ Magazine.
  • Besides being interviewed on Day & Night Channel, PTC, PBN News, and more; the Founder-President has also been interviewing on National Channels like ABN News.
  • Awarded by Aryan’s Group of Colleges in their prestigious award function for consecutively two years ( 2014 & 2015 )
  • A special feature on Founder President Isha Kakaria , Tammana’s start up and its working ; has been published under ‘Humans of Punjab’ in the March’2016 Edition, La Blend Magazine.


  • Most recent reputed associations include Fortis, IVY Hospital, DELL, Gray Cell Technologies, DT, Venkys, VLCC, The Cove Hotel, Golden Palms Hotel, Elante, Bittu Fashioners, Tress Lounge and so many more. Tammana also is grateful for the support by renowned celebrities like Arya Babbar, Director Amit Prashar, Late Sh.Jaspal Bhatti, Chandigarh Traffic Police, Karmaasa , Swastik the Band, Just Itefaq Band etc.



Website: www.tammana.org.in

Contact #: 9646072207

FB Profile: www.facebook.com/NgoTammana

Email Idcontact@tammana.org.in

Twitter: @NgoTammana

YouTube: NGO-Tammana

Listen to it on YouTube as: “CHAL TAMMANA NGO Tammana”

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