Kindly know that we are not looking for fancy forms but honest ones. Only the zealous to serve, must fill in. Time is precious.

Any form with any Incomplete/Unfilled response shall not be attended to. Remember, ALL fields are mandatory.

  • Minimum age to join is 21+
  • There is no membership fee.
  • You are eligible for certification only once you have completed a minimum productive period of 6 months in the organisation.
  • Your services are voluntary and not duty bound.
  • If your form is rejected for reasons like – underage/outstation applicant/Conflict of Interest – you should receive an email. If there is no email, your form is under processing & verification and you shall receive the next immediate invite only when the next lot/batch is ready for induction. ( usually 1 month )
  • Your induction meet will help you understand all the details about the NGO,its functioning, your role and more.
  • You will receive the welcome letter as soon as you report the task assigned to you in the meeting and also if the HR finds you fit for the organisation.
  • Thank you for your time in filling up the form.

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