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  • Live Simply, Dream Big’seems to be how Isha Kakaria sees life.’… India Today Magazine
  • 5 Insanely Interesting Indians You Should Know! carries her name! – Josh Talks ( Read here – https://medium.com/@JoshTalksLive/5-insanely-interesting-people-you-should-know-7ccbe284c09f )
  • ‘Touching lives & inspiring all.’ ‘Only a special heart understands compassion & Isha Kakaria indeed has a very special heart’ …. La Blend Magazine
  • ‘Isha is a great inspiration for youngsters. She has motivated many youngsters to join her and is doing a tremendous job for society.’… Public Relation Council of India.
  • ‘Leaving a plum job in an MNC to work for an NGO takes courage, which this youngster – Isha Kakaria, has in plenty’ The Tribune Trends –Pacesetter
  • ‘Commendable service towards Voluntary blood donation movemement.’… GMSH-16, Chandigarh
  • “We would like to convey gratitude to Tammana for bringing a healthy positive & constructive change in the society and helping the less privileged to grow in life & hold their head high with pride” ….Chairman, Aryan Group of Colleges

The above are definitely not the only ones that think so.

Keeping her personal, professional & her social life in a much sorted manner, Isha Kakaria is a courageous example to a many out there. One tree can start a forest proved right as she victoriously passed all her obstacles what came her way as she began her journey merely at the age of 22. Proud of the morals learned at her school- Carmel Convent, Chandigarh; she took over to working at an MNC completing her MBA. Leaving a covetable job to build an unconditional platform to serve, this Topper for Economic Honors always knew her life is certainly meant to be different & more productive. Very versatile & creative , her parents are truly proud of their only child; of how she has moved only forward in life, living her dreams, following her heart…

Happily married to Jaskaran Singh, one of the oldest pillars at Tammana runs with him, her professional life as a successful entrepreneur too. Even while their work makes them go places PAN India, the zeal for Tammana has not dropped an inch. Well known to have commendable energy & great leadership attributes; working with integrity is her goal she sticks to. Before she expects from the team, she leads by an example. Creates a vision, identifies the strengths of her team, delegates tasks, trusts & believes in them, communicates with complete confidence & commitment helping keep the productivity levels high and morale even higher.

She firmly believes in her intuition & keeps that optimism & bright outlook for everything & everyone around her. Having met eminent personalities like Late.Sh. I.K Gujral, Prime Minister,India, Michael Dell, CEO DELL; and getting Stated Awarded by the Shivraj V. Patil, Hon’ble Governor of Punjab & Administrator Chandigarh U.T, she has only gained rich experience, discipline & an ethnic framework to run the NGO.

Here’s a little coffee with her –

What inspired you to start NGO Tammana at such an early age?

The first spark was when we were taken to an Old Age Home in the last days of our school, where I found unconditional love & wanted to come back again to see them. Soon, the visits turned regular & there began a beautiful bonding that advanced with time. Wanting to do more for them & more in need around, I perceived that I wouldn’t be able to do this alone and needed a bunch of like minded enthusiasts. To build a platform for all was a small but a true ‘Tammana’ inside that only grew with time. The age then & now is when we have the capabilities at our peak & must channelize these energies in the right directions in the service of mankind, & hence God. Of-course, with some challenges settled in place & taking the path less traveled, there began ‘Tammana’ quite instantly where the chain just built up that you see today.

How do you find people for your organisation, who truly care about the organisation the way you do?

We’ve never invited any applications nor go out calling people to join our NGO. We let our work speak & inspire. So, the people who have zeal; come forward on their own to be a part of the team & our work. Hence, we’re glad to have only the quality people joining in who want to work with a ‘less me & a more we’ motive, for a common cause, with a common vision & that absolute care. Displaying our work at stalls, sharing on social media, word of mouth & the media prints help bring this all together.

What kind of work culture exists in your organisation?

If there is the one feature that I call out best from the organisation is the culture itself! From transparency with & within the team, the sincerity & responsibility it works with, the fun we have, the family-like bonding builds it up all. Here, the discipline is a must & a much accepted & an admired attribute. An unbiased & a decisive leadership & an ever ready & a high spirited team; together wonderfully does the magic. Courteous & unconditional to each other, we stand strong for each other all the time! We are automatically connected by a common vision cord that helps us feel no different from each other. This aura, this culture is amazing to be in. Not just who are a part, but those who witness it around, know it too, feel it too. It is a small different world all together!


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