Event 155 : Cricket Match/World NGO Day

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Event 155 : Cricket Match/World NGO Day

A friendly Cricket Match was hosted by NGO Tammana, in a resounding celebration of the World NGO Day, as its remarkable Event # 155 on the pleasant evening of Sunday, 10th March, 2024 at the Stump’d Box Cricket, Sector 44, Chandigarh.

Founder President Isha Kakaria shared that the event aimed to celebrate the spirit of teamwork inspired by sports, also encouraging a fitness lifestyle for everyone.
She further added ‘ Physical fitness is extra significant to mental health and emotional well being. The event was a small effort to bring together and celebrate the real heroes – the members ; who volunteer for the community, and their family members for the unshakable support.

Event SPOC Saurabh Gulati mentioned that in a two hour long match , 15 overs were held where everyone participated their best. The evening unfolded with the fusion of sportsmanship and excitement and a whole lot of enthusiasm !

Member Harvinder Kaur shared that the evening brought together diverse members from the team and their family members including children, who bonded over a shared commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

The event indeed shared the unwavering spirit of giving back.

Jaskaran Singh General Secretary, highlighted Tammana’s 15 years of dedicated service to society. “Tammana welcomes all without a fee, and those passionate about giving to the community, could join by simply registering at www.tammana.org.in.

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