Event 151 : Grooming masters class at Govt. Model senior secondary school 18-C

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Event 151 : Grooming masters class at Govt. Model senior secondary school 18-C

In an effort to empower girls , Tricity based NGO Tammana, today successfully organized a self grooming & beauty masterclass at the Govt. Girls Model Senior Secondary School in Sector 18 C, Chandigarh on September 29, 2023. 

The NGO’s Founder President Isha Kakaria shared that Tammana aimed to share basic grooming tips to instil & boost self-confidence amongst the students, help them look and feel presentable & eventually prepare them for the professional world and also the festive season ahead. Students were also introduced to the art of make up as a professional field as is a big industry to work in and hence may want to choose as a career option for themselves in the near future. 

The event focused on the importance of ‘being you’ and shared light on the difference between fake and real of the social media world from where young minds are influenced much.’ 

The 151st event also emphasised the significance of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. The focus extended beyond expensive clothing, encouraging the girls to embrace clean, ironed clothes and other tips like practicing good oral hygiene for a confident smile.Practical advice on nail care, regular shampooing, and skincare routines were shared. 

In addition to promoting self-care, Tammana partnered with the team from Estee Lauder to provide an insightful Beauty Masterclass. 

Principal of the School, Ms. Manjit Kaur Gill; shared that not just the girls felt inspired from the session, teachers also joined the same with full enthusiasm. 

Ms. Rupika , District Manager & her team convened the Masterclass that gave valuable makeup tips on various looks ; also showcasing a live session with the students. 

NGO Tammana has been serving the society for more than 15 years. Those willing to join can register at www.tammana.org.in.

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