Event 138 : Nature Trail by NGO Tammana

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Event 138 : Nature Trail by NGO Tammana

NGO Tammana organised a Nature Trail at the Lake Reserve Forest Trail , Chandigarh whereby NGO members along with their families unplugged from their daily routines & refreshed their senses through the early morning walk and witnessed serenity all around in the lap of nature.
‘Taking care of mental & physical well-being, the aim of this event was to rejuvenate as a team & explore the environment together’ shared the Founder President Isha Kakaria. She further added “

Benefits of a nature walk that aren’t hidden include improved concentration, lowered stress, depression & anxiety; mood upliftment & more. The walk helped generate positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity & ofcourse helped & boosted our physical health & team bonding!”

Birds chirping, squirrels screeching while the fully bloomed Lotus leaves, tall Bamboo trees and Bougainvilleas along the lake shore & inside the forest engaged all senses. Reminiscing their childhood days, everyone played fun games. Going Green as always, no littering and no plastic were taken care of as everyone carried their own water bottles” shared the Event SPOC Naveen Pabreja. Wrapping the walk, everyone relished healthy coconut water together. NGO Tammana has been serving the society for more than 14 years. Those willing to join can register at www.tamanna.org.in. There is no fee to join as a member. Tammana is a Chandigarh based, Punjab registered voluntary organisation.

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