Event 136 : PUNYA – 2023

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Event 136 : PUNYA – 2023

NGO Tammana put up a Community Kitchen serving Tea and Fritters for the passersby near Bus Stand Road, Sector 43, Chandigarh, for its event ‘PUNYA-2023’ 

Event SPOC Ashish Pal Singh shared that the venue was chosen so that countless passengers & drivers, especially the Auto Drivers and rickshaw pullers around could be served, who travel in cold from one place to another to make their ends meet.

The General Secretary Jaskaran Singh shared that the stock collection for #Event136 in kind was taken care through Tammana’s varied stock centers spread accross Chandigarh, Dhakoli, Zirakpur & Mohali. Not only the team members but the general public also contributed in cash and kind before the event and also at the venue. 

The contribution in cash helped in arranging tentage and raw materials, while the stock in kind helped us serve countless people. While some members of the Team assisted the cooks, others helped with serving the public, shared the Administrative Head Suman Hooda.

The Founder President, Ms. Isha Kakaria shared that the aim to put up a Community Kitchen was to promote community bonding where everyone is served without any barriers of religion or caste & to inculcate a sense of oneness among people who serve as well as those who were served. 

Special measures were taken to promote and support their Go-Green & Clean initiative. Paper cups were used to serve Tea and Pakodas respectively and no littering was taken care of. The running traffic was not disturbed ; shared member Sohit Thukral.

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