NGO Tammana : Loving To Live For Others...

TAMMANA is a Chandigarh Based, State Awarded & a Punjab Registered Private NGO of over 65+ volunteers from various fields & backgrounds, working since 8 years now, on a very consistent basis for the welfare of the society where it focuses on health & education, empowering women, environmental concerns and also varies a wide scope of other causes too. Running on No-Profit Basis & well known for its consistency, it has associated with numerous reputed organizations & individuals; and has been in news time to time for various achievements in its field.

Latest Events

Event 85 : Celebrating the Indian Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated by tricity based NGO Tammana on August 15th, 2017 in the morning hours from 8-10am at Kartar Asra Old Age and Shelter Home in Sector 1, Chandigarh. The activities commenced early morning with face painting. Tammanites along with the children were seen doting the tricoloured flags on their faces just as the tricolor ..
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Event 84 : Teej Festival

Tricity based NGO Tammana celebrated the Teej festival; as its Event 84 at Guru Asra Shelter Home, Sector 55, Palsora, Chandigarh between 4pm and 6.30pm on Sunday, 30th July, 2017. The Guru Aasra Shelter home is an orphanage with around 50 girls as residents. To celebrate the bounty of nature and thank the monsoon, the ..
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Event 83 : International Yoga Day

The zealous tri-city based group of youngsters at NGO Tammana emphasized on the idea of yoga being a way of life by celebrating the International Yoga Day, on 21st June, 2017. Their Event #83 was held at Guru Aasra Shelter Home, an orphanage at Palsora, Sector 55, Chandigarh for its residents from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. With a ..
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Event 82 : Chabeel 2017: Serving with a smile

The Pink Brigade strikes back with the same zeal but a new destination for its Event# 82. Tricity based NGO TAMMANA has been organising an extraordinary Chabeel in Chandigarh for a many years now. This year the event was held at the Railway Road, Doraha, Punjab on 18th June, 2017 between 11am to 3pm. Sweetened ..
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Tammana - Facts and Figures

Initiated with a vision of ‘doing little things with great love’, Tricity based NGO Tammana was founded at a mere age of 22, on 01 Sep’2008. With over 65+ like minded volunteers from various backgrounds, it is working consistently over 8 years now for social welfare. 260+ children from the slums & those begging at light points have been introduced to the basic need of education & effectively admitted to schools under various initiatives by Tammana.The assistance provided is non-monetary & its modus operandi involves collection & distribution in-kind which is indeed making it stand different & tall. Tammana’s association with 65+ reputed organisations & its social media functioning is a significant aspect that further aids in the efforts being more widespread. With an underlining level of commitment of its team-members, there are 25 who have been part of the team for more than 3 years including those complete 5,6 & 8 years too! In addition, 100+ interns, from India and abroad, have successfully completed their internship here. So far, 80+ events & numerous Sunday of Service (SOS) activities have been conducted & 150+ Donate Drop of Love (DDL) cases have been successful too. Tammana has been featured in over 200+ media glimpses so far, helping spread the message to the masses & getting the like minded connected.