Foundation, History & Vision:

  • NGO TAMMANA initiated on 1st SEPTEMBER 2008.
  • Founded at the age of 22, by Isha Kakaria, who is a State Awardee, also has been the First Lady Traffic Marshall at Chandigarh Traffic Police, and further is a successful Entrepreneur today. She left her job in a MNC and started ‘living for others’.
  • Founded single handed, supported by parents, later joined by friends, friends of friends, followed by a chain and now formal recruitments are processed.
  • Founded with the vision of ‘doing little things with great love’ instead of ‘doing great things alone’; it wanted to provide a platform for like minded enthusiasts.  Heading towards the overall development of the society, it visioned to bridge the gap between the needy and the feeders. It works to bring spectacular changes in the society.
  • Well known for its best attributes – consistency, genuineness, teamwork, leadership, equality & transparency, it makes itself different & special from all the others around today.

Who we are:

  • A dynamic group of 65+ youngsters/like minded enthusiasts who are working for a common goal of overall development of the society in every form possible; is a bunch from different fields of backgrounds, education, is working, married or retired. This think-tank of a mix crew is a team well known for a ‘less ME and a more WE’!

 Facts about Ngo Tammana:

  • It is a Registered Organisation
  • It is a private NGO running on No-Profit Basis.
  • It is not financially aidedby any Govt/ Individual or Organisation. Runs on random donations and collections in kind & fund raising events (if at all needed).
  • Voluntary NGOwith no salary and no fees.
  • Provides Internship
  • Operates on a wide scale of activities.
  • It is considered & admired as the most genuine, consistent and active NGO in the tricity.

What we do:

  • It majorly focus on health & education however it successfully runs on a wide span of activities including like Eye Donation Awareness Camps , Women Empowerment Workshops, Clothes Collection & Distribution Activities , Hospital Visits & helps, Traffic – Road Safety Awareness , Health Camps, Educational Camps, Water Distribution Drives , Cleanliness Cyclothon, Tree Plantation Drives & more.