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Vishal SinghVishal SinghMember
The best way to feel better is to get up and do something for the needy. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope. And the NGO Tammana is doing the same thing which inspires me n many youngsters to spare some time from their busy schedule and serve the society.
Harvinder KaurHarvinder KaurMember
Kindness of the members . They religiously follow their slogan ....Spread kindness .At the dental camp at Gurasra trust , everyone treated the children lovingly and the children responded by showing their drawings and experiences .Kindness is the language that deaf can hear.
Arvind BhardwajArvind BhardwajMember
Being a part of Tammana I learnt that we are not doing Charity we are just doing our duty to serve smile, to love and to spread happiness. I am proud to be Tammanaite.
Pratyusha GhoshPratyusha GhoshMember
I joined NGO TAMMANA as an ametuer when I wasn't sure HOW I could actually do my bit and contribute to the society, though i had a slight vision and determination in my mind of WHAT to do. TAMMANA paved the perfect platform for me to acknowledge my capabilities and therefore I could foresee it that I had got my answer to HOW i can go about it.TAMMANA not only made me an emotionally stronger person but also helped me grow professionally. Its highly commendable how each and every member is well segregated with their job roles. Its even more ...
Sana SachdevaSana SachdevaMember
The first thing I like about the NGO is its unity.very nice and helping members.I would say there is no one favourite memory but every event the NGO does is memorable.
Sheffy ChhabraSheffy ChhabraMember
Tammana provides a platform to those who want to work for the society and want to uplift the weaker sections of the society. Tammana is like a second family to me. It makes me feel complete.Every moment spent with Tammana is a favourite memory. Every event taught me something that inspires me. My first event was a short trip to Chhatbir Zoo where we all played games and sang songs with little kids in the bus. I felt so happy to see the kids smiling.I want to thank Isha ma’am for giving me this opportunity to be a part of ...
Paramvir KaurParamvir KaurMember
I still remember the day when I became the part of the 'T' family, and I really feel proud to be the part of this noble family. Although I know I didn't participate much but I always wish to. My best memory is attached to 'chabeel' and 'GAT'.I wish to be the part of the family for forever and ever.Keep it up, May God bless us.
Monisha SharmaMonisha SharmaMember-NGO Tammana
After joining Tammana i realised that helping others is not only a responsibility of life ; it is what gives meaning to life. N there is no better feeling than the sense of satisfaction n fulfillment u get on seeing smiles on others faces and knowing that u've played a part in bringing out that beautiful smile.. :)
Megha SharmaMegha SharmaMember
Our life doesn't get better by chance but by change, and every Tammanite knows this. Tammana has taught me the importance of discipline in our life. We have a great sense of togetherness at Tammana. We love bringing joy in others life by doing small things, but with gusto that's why we unfailingly turn every event of ours into "a sweet memory"  to cherish for  the rest of our lives.
Kashish NarulaKashish NarulaMember
My experience at NGO Tammana had been great. I was new to NGO, still I was trusted upon and was given various responsibilities. Also, my best memory was of event Chabeel as I myself love Chabeel when it's peak summer day, but serving that to public in peak afternoon gives you more delight. It has some intangible feelings associated with it which can't be expressed in words. I wish I could continue along with my hectic MBA schedule but still will love to keep coming for events whenever I'm in the city. I wish luck to all Tammanites for the ...
Rishabh SoodRishabh SoodMember
Tammana provides us a platform to contribute our BIT towards humanity..from here only I've experienced that happiness is felt by making other people happy 😊Many a times this thing came to my mind that I am the youngest person here in this organisation and I will not be able to give my best but NO...i was wrong because Tammana family 👪 had always encouraged me for my part.Lucky to be a part of #team_tammana
Anoop GargAnoop GargMember

Tammana,, not just an NGO for me but ,,,Tammana is tht place for me which i'll do evrything for the society ,poor people,and othr so much things.My favorite memory at Tammana  was whn we wnt to zirkpur ZOO with children of 25 sector,,,,,tht was grt tym,,,to see that smiling faces of children,,

Ankita JainAnkita JainMember
My life has been a series of umpteen special moments since the last one year. That's how long I have been associated with Tammana and in such a short duration, it has become a part of me. It has given me a path to accomplish what I have always wanted to. The most awe-inspiring moment for me was 'Punya', when this old babaji started signalling after receiving the blanket. I thought we woke him up at an odd hour but it was after a pause I realised that he was actually waving his hand and thanking us and was extremely ...




Sagar DimriSagar DimriMember
Each and every-time being with Tammana is like being in a different world where people do care about each other, people know the facts like what being hungry, been in poverty etc means in this world and on most of that they know how they can at-least help some of the world to get through this.Its a place where you can meet students to professionals, strong youngsters to experienced people's with same agenda to give love and care to someone who need it like our slogan says "Loving to live for others......"In Tammana you cant have any favorite memory because ...
Priyanka JindalPriyanka JindalMember
I really like the management of the organisation. It is really a well planned one. Every moment spent with tammana and my fellow members is a memory.. :)
Kriti ThakurKriti ThakurMember
TAMMANA is an NGO that does a little bit of everything – health, education, awareness camps, child protection and environmental protection and so on.The experience I have gained has been phenomenal. I am so proud of being associated with Tammana for the past 3 and a half years. It’s truly God’s grace and sheer pleasure to be part of this NGO. Had I not joined Tammana, I would have definitely missed the best part of my life. Best wishes to Tammana and Tammanaites.
Meenakshi MahajanMeenakshi MahajanMember
This is my first NGO that i have joined... the best thing about Tammana is here everybody's suggestions are welcomed and plans are made accordingly....My favorite memory at tammana is PUNYA 2012 where first time in my life..i have experienced of donating Blankets to roadsides shelter left people...I wish to convey my best wishes to all Tammanites to bring Tammana NGO to new height......
Apurva KohliApurva KohliMember
Tammana is not just a NGO, Tammana is one big family. I joined Tammana in 2011 and since then it has only added to my basket of joys.Tammana gives you a platform to embrace the leader in you and come forward and do some good for the society by the never ending list of the year long events it carries out. We at Tammana never back down and are always ready to go from the simplest to the toughest of work, which can bring even a little bit of difference.My experience at Tammana has been full of beautiful memories specially ...
Suman HoodaSuman HoodaMember
Tammana for Me ::::::::::: A Better Version Of Life#ToServeSelflessly#BeingResponsible#BeingCaring#EnjoyinEvents#GettingNewFriends#AmazingExperience#InnerPeace#BeingBetterHumanLove You Bahut Sara TAMU :) :)